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martes, 30 de noviembre de 2010

Out of nowhere.


Almost a breakdown, the pain gets unbearable. Tears falling and fretting my cheeks. Its kinda cute you know. Red flesh , its just like the red colour of a crushed heart! Ha ha! That laugh makes my beasty...
Oh YEAH! Now you are telling me you love me! What the freaking HELL?! Should I shoot you?! Should I open my pitiful brain, heart or whatever for you to call my desperate name?! SHOULD I?! Now, get the hell out of here.
No, that was not what I  meant, not that way. Stay with me, but fall apart.  Never gonna let you down you claimed. Now I'm free falling two thousand inches and hitting the ground. It cracks. Right! Keep falling.
Keep falling I said. I know you are not there to catch me.

The anger appeased, the anger. Fuel for life.
I'm in your strong arms.
Not anymore. And again, I'm falling

What kind of game are we attending to? It's called, heart braker.
And the fear blur my senses. I'm blind.
Are you happy?
Kiss me.
The smile that used to get me angry, now is making me smile too.
And I'm just looking nowhere. You are not here. I'm hallucinating. Mission complete.

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