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miércoles, 2 de marzo de 2011

“I hope, you have a star
I hope, the star can shine.
Shine in your eyes
Shine in your heart.
That spoil, the night way.

I hope the sun
Scare the gray clouds.
I hope the sun
Light your smile,
That perfect mouth
That I wanna kiss,
That perfect face
That I love as hell.

I hope the rain
Splash the bad things
More than that
I hope wont rain.

The star, the sun, your mouth
Your smile, all the things that make me
Fall in love.

I need to think that you love me...

Because of that love
I want to be your star
Your sun, and your lover
Have a place in your heart!

... I want to be the sun, the star, and I want to be the rainbow over the clouds too ...”

By: Rodrigo Festt Maan

Este tipo de cosas escribia dos años atras.
Para gente especial.

Photo by: Bettina Diaz Smoljko

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paul dijo...

Muy lindo, asi me siento yo utimamente